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Zinc is manufacturer and exporter of zinc alloy castings by die castings.Alloy Castings,Die Casting Zinc Alloy,Zinc Alloy Exporter,Z35530 Zinc Alloy,cast zinc,zinc alloy,die cast.specializes in aluminum, magnesium and zinc alloy castings.It covers an area of over 8000m2, possessing workshop of 1000 strong m2, more than 20 offices.It is equipped with 5 sets of 400-ton, 250-ton and 160-ton horizontal cold chamber die-casting machines, one shot blasting machine, more than ten digital control lathes and other processing apparatus, which are used for die casting and precise processing by annual output of 200 tons. It nows has 50 employees including 8 technicians, 2 senior engineers, and 2 engineers, 35% of whom has at least intermediate schooling experience.   Since its foundation in Septemeber, 1998, it kept absorbing technology from fellow traders and foreign countries and formed a comprehensive design system including CAD of dies, computer simulation of flow field, and computer simulation of temperature field, producing leakless parts, and thin-wall parts.   In administration, we set up strict control system to product design, technics administration, production administration and quality administration, and consummated them in practice and won trust of customers. The company has developed over 100 kinds of products containing automobile and motorcycle fittings, pneumatic elements, motor fittings, lamp fittings, instrument and meter fittings and hardware fittings, and most of the products are sold to Europe, America, Japan and other countries.

aluminium castings hook
aluminium locking elbow
aluminium casting tee
aluminium casting coupler clamp
aluminum casting spigot
Die Cast Zincum Alloy Casting of Pneumatic Elements Die Casting & Machining Pneumatic Elements of Zincum Alloy Pneumatic Elements of Zincum Alloy by means of Die Casting
Motorcycle Fittings of Die Casting Zincum ALloy Motorcycle Fittings Cylinder Heads & Housing of Die-Casting Zincum Die Casting & Machining Zincum Alloy of Motorcycle Fittings
Precesion Casing Non-Ferrous Metals Lamp Series of Die-Casting Zincum Alloy Regulator Cubicle Fittings of Die Casting Zincum
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