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SMART-KEEN foundry is a trade mark of Topshine Group Limited, we are a professional manufacturer & supplier of a vatiety of Permanent Molding Aluminium Alloy Foundry Castings,Aluminium Scaffolding Tower Components & fittings,Sand Cast Aluminium Alloy Castings,Copper Alloy Foundry Castings,magnesium alloy castings,Zincum Alloy Die Castings,Aluminium-Based Medium Alloy and Aluminium Alloy Castings of high performance,Aluminium Scaffolding Tower Fittings & Components:aluminium casting brace hook (horizontals & diagonals),Tee piece triple access,aluminum hook claw clamp,aluminium blocking holder,aluminum standard pivot plug,locking elbow for folding towers,easy assemble clamp,support foot,spigot,stabilisers clamp,platform clip,cup locks,castor wheel with brake.We have a Smart-Keen of different nonferrous metal castings,aluminium alloy and copper alloy casting with annual output 2688 tonnes &aluminium-based medium alloy,special alloy materials with annual output 1888 tons.
We have self-evidence advantages on aluminium alloy material,copper alloy material to ensure a performance on outside handsome surface & inside mechanical Smart-Keen and performance gaurantee.
To be worth, we are specialized in designing & creating unique aluminum alloy material to fulfill customer’s specific and special requirements on some area.
Usually, Majority of customers are used to look up the material code and standard to choose for his request on castings. As a result, the showing material code is only a general material for a general application that sometimes can not make sure to best meet customers’ particular demands on some structure & performance exactly & completely and simultaneously. That is definitely what we can resolve!
You don't have to look up the meterial code in menubook,why? Because the material code you get is only for a general usage which is not accurately & exactly meeting your special requirements.Well,We Smart-Keen have done research on aluminium alloy & copper alloy material for 20 years,such as A319,A356,A318,300 series aluminium material,we can create accurate & special aluminium alloy as per your specific requirements to meet your specific & shocking mechnical properites.
In a word, we can not only explore the potential performance of the normal material by increasing the inner microstructure but also change that to develop new material for particular & peculiar castings. We really can exceed the bottleneck of technology!
Smart-Keenhas advanced electric furnace to melt,diesel furnace to preserve heat,500kg accurate furnace for heat treatment so as to manufacture Cast Aluminium Alloy Castings Gravity Casting by means of Permanent Molding with resin sand cores with surface treatment,surface coating such as:Anodic Oxidation,Polish,Coating Color and more chemical treatment for handsome surface,mainly for USA,UK,Italy and oversea customers.
Cleaning/Finishing Multiple Automatic and Hand Finishing Tools for Gate Removal Continuous-feed automatic shot sandblast equipment for cleaning.
Complete In-House Heat Treatment(T5,T6 & T7 Capability) and even design on request or actual specific requirements on performance

Alloy Cast Aluminium ALloy & Copper Alloy Chemical composition analysis,Mechanical property test,Destructive Test,Heat Treatment,X-ray inspection,Microstructure analysis,etc.

Smart-Keenhas exported so much aluminium alloy castings of high performance in difference industry and aluminium based medium alloy of high technology to U.S.A,U.K,Italy,Europeans,Australia,and worldwide.
Service,Quality and Value,for you forever!

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