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Aluminium castings tee piece triple access of aluminium scaffold fittings is used to make up a frame and stabilizer and outrigger of aluminum scaffold towers.
Available for aluminium tube of OD 50.8mm/50mm/51mm and 47mm shank and more sizes available
1.Welding the horizontal aluminium tube and vertical aluminium tube or Embedding
2.Embedding the standard tube horizontally outside and embeeding the standard tube insdie vertically
Material:AlSi7Mg in accordance with BS 1706:1998 LM 25(TF)
Hardness:Tested to between 90-120 on Brinell Hardess Tester (to EN ISO 6506:1999)
Chemical Composition and Hardness Testing Certifcaite is available on every consignment.

aluminium castings hook
aluminium locking elbow
aluminium casting tee
aluminium casting coupler clamp
aluminum casting spigot
aluminium casting tee aluminium casting tee piece aluminium casting tee
Aluminium T piece triple access of aluminum casting scaffold components
Diameter of tube:OD 50.8mm/OD50mm/OD 51mm
Aluminium casting T piece triple access of scaffold components
Material: LM 25(TF)
47mm round shank
c/w 50.8mm BORE
Aluminium T piece triple access of aluminum casting scaffold fittings
To embed aluminum tube inside

aluminium scaffold tee joint stabilizer tee piece aluminum tower tee
Aluminium casting Tee joint of aluminum casting scaffold components
Embedding the horizontal tube outside and embedding the vertical tube inside
Aluminium Stabilizer tee piece
Stabiliser Tee Piece Assembly
1.Stabiliser Tee Piece
2.Standard Pivot Plug
3.Hexagon Bolt
4.Hexagon Nut
Aluminium clip with standard pivot plug is used for rolling at the conner of a aluminium folding tower.
Mobile access and working towers made of prefabricated elements-Materials,dimensions,design loads,
The structural design shall be in accordance with EN 1999-1-1 taking into account En 12811-2.
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