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Aluminium casting scaffolding components and fittings of Safety,Reliability & Quality supplied to U.K,Italy,Netherlands,Australia,Germany,USA,Ireland,U.S.A. and worldwide.
Surely,aluminium alloy scaffolding parts & accessories of unique mechanical strength and high performance are vital to make up an excellent scaffoldings tower,scaffold frame and scaffold form structure.

We are specilized in aluminium alloy material that certainly make up the absolute unequalled strong scaffolding parts and accessories.We creat unique aluminium alloy material in the whole production procedure,to guarantee quality on excellent scaffolding and scaffold tower,Scaffold Fittings And Accessories,such as:aluminium brace locking claw hook brace(horizontals & diagonals),platform hook,T- piece for aluminium ladder,aluminium blocking holder,pivot plug,aluminium casting locking elbow aluminium tee jointfor folding scaffolding,T-piece,easy assemble clamp,swivel coupler,offset lug,tee joint,suppor foot,aluminiumm castings support foot,spigot,stabilisers clamp,platform clip,cup locks,castor wheel with brake,weld brace claw to the tube to get extra strength.As a professional manufacturers & suppliers of different scaffolding accessories fittings as per your requirements,we are supplying aluminium alloy scaffolding parts of high performance & strength.

aluminium castings hook
aluminium locking elbow
aluminium casting tee
aluminium casting coupler clamp
aluminum casting spigot

assembled self lock hook
BS 1490 LM25TF
Diameter of tube:from 45.5mm to 51.34mm can be valid for different tubes
EPOXY Color Trigger
Double Torsion Brace Spring
side threaded pin hole to fix

Smart-keen half curve holder
blocking holder pivot plug pedium
Tee piece for tube 50 mm 50.8mm and 46.4 shank
available upon request for any size tube,the point is the outter diameter and wall thickness of tube
Coupler Assembly Complete:
1.Standard Pivot Plug
2.Coupler Clamp
4.Wing Nut(Hexagon Nut)
5.Carriage Bolt(Hexagon Bolt)

aluminium mobile folding scaffold special mechanical safe components do safe Tower strong scaffolding spigot predominent support foot stabiliser trust stability
BS EN1004 DIN 4422:UNI HD1004:o/92 BSI BS1139:Part3: 1994 Castor Wheel Swivel bracket with stem for Aluminium mobile scaffoldings polyurethane coated in cast iron core / rubber tyred or nylon core / polyurethane tyred load capacity 700kgs/800kgs Diameter 150mm,200 mm we can develop as per your sample castor wheel
Stabiliser Tee Piece Assembly
1.Stabiliser Tee Piece
2.Standard Pivot Plug
3.Hexagon Bolt
4.Hexagon Nut

We manufacture,design and develop sacffolding components of aluminium towers, podium steps and folding tower units as per customer's samples,drawings or specific requirements.Our products are used in many countries by a wide variety of customers, our customers in U.K,UAE,Australia,Thailand,USA,Russia apply in hospitals,factories,industrial usage and even daily life.Our aluminium scaffold towers are constructed out of aluminium tube extruded as per different standards.The components that make up a safe Tower are:- Frames,Braces,Platforms,Legs and Castors,Toeboards,Stabilizers
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