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Material is vital both for aluminium based alloy and aluminium alloy casting,aluminium sacffolding parts,copper alloy castings,which decide the future quality,handsome surface & properties of inside mechenical strength,inside structure and organization.
We have do reasearch in non-ferrous alloy,aluminium alloy,copper alloy,maganesium alloy,etc for over 20 years,in which we are sepcialized,that we can create special and unique aluminium alloy material,copper alloy material to meet your specific,even peculiar requirements that you can not find in the manubook of material standard.
We are not the No.1 but "THE ONLY ONE" in non-ferrous alloy,aluminium alloy,copper alloy,aluminium based medium alloy.
Aluminium base Medium Alloy with annual output 300 tons: Alloy:AlTi5,AlZr4,AlMn12,AlMn12Ti,AlBe3,AlSi20,AlSi25Mn12
Aluminium ALloy Casting of high performance with annual output 200 tons:
ASTM B179 A356,A319,D712,DIN 1725.2 G-AlSi7Mg,G-AlMg5Si,BS 1490 LM13,LM25 LM31,
NF A57-105 A-S13,A-G6Y4.
Brass,bronze and coppper alloy castings:
DIN 1705 G-CuSn2ZnPb,G-CuZn15Si4,BS 1400 LG1,CMA1,CuZn40,NF A53-707 CuZn23A14,CuZn40,ASTM B584 C86300,C87400.
Magnesium Alloy: BS 3370 Mg-Al3Zn1Mn, NF A65-717 G-A6Z1,DIN 1729.1 MgAl3Zn.ASTM B90 AZ80A,M1A,ASTM B93 ZK51A,ZE41A,WE43A,AZ91C,Am100A.
We can create unique & special aluminium alloy
that does not exist in handmenu of material code and can meet your specific requirements instead of limited fixed materail code only for general usage.
Major Inspection:
Alloy Cast Aluminium ALloy & Copper Alloy Chemical composition analysis,Mechanical property test,Destructive Test,Heat Treatment,X-ray inspection,Microstructure analysis,etc.
also lab of chemical compostion and mechenical peroperites.Manufacturing reliable Cast Aluminium Alloy with super performance depending on the technology improvement ; continuously meet the requirements of both domestic and overseas customers.

aluminium castings hook
aluminium locking elbow
aluminium casting tee
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