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Aluminium castings coupler clamp assemble swivel couplers of aluminium scaffold components
Material: BS 1490 LM 25 (TF) AlSi7Mg, ASTM A356 (T6), ASTM A 380
Designed to suit 2" (50.8mm) and 50mm OD trussing and tube without damading it.The range is constantly expanding to accommodate customers' needs.
The structural design shall be in accordance iwth EN 1999-1-1 taking into account EN 12811-2.

aluminium castings hook
aluminium locking elbow
aluminium casting tee
aluminium casting coupler clamp
aluminum casting spigot
aluminium coupler clamp aluminium casting coupler scaffold tower coupler

Aluminium casting swivel couplers of aluminum scaffolding tower fittings. a zinc plated turned steel rivet connecting the two half couplers together and are retained with a roll pin. Swivel couplers may be converted to 90o couplers by driving a second roll pin through a pre-drilled hole in the steel rivet locking the couplers in position.

Aluminum coupler clamp assemble of aluminum casting scaffold fittings
for aluminium scaffold towers
BS 1490 LM25TF
Aluminum castings coupler clamp assemble
Bolts and nuts fasten the tube of
OD 50.8mm/OD50mm/OD 51mm properly
aluminium casting coupler aluminium coupler clamp aluminium scaffold coupler
Coupler Assembly Complete:
1.Standard Pivot Plug
2.Coupler Clamp
4.Patent Wing Nut(Hexagon Nut)
5.Carriage Bolt(Hexagon Bolt)
Aluminium castings of swivel couplers,90 degree couplers,parallel couplers,finial couplers,lifting eye couplers,couplers with spigots.
The range is continuing to increase, and will only be limited by customers requirements; so when you require a fitting which is not currently listed please ask, the answer is normally yes.

Mobile access and working towers made of prefabricated elements-Materials,dimensions,design loads,
safety and performance requirements.This European Standard was approved by CEN on 12 November 2004
The stablizers and outriggers of a tower shall be purposed designed as components of the main structure
and shall provide means of adjustment to ensure contact with the ground.
The method of fixing the stabilzer or outrigger to the tower shall have adequate strength and shall be such
that the reaction loads in the stabilizer or outrigger are transferred to the tower without slip,rotation,or other movement of the stabilzer or outrigger.

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